Mono's Live2D Commissions

If youre looking for Live2D Artwork and Rigging, You've come to the right place!
Below are examples of my work and a price guide to help get you a quote!
Please check to see if a Commission Slot is Available here:

Live2D Artwork Price Guide

(Paypal Only)

Human, Anthro/Furry, and Non-human characters are possible.
You can provide your own PSD, or commission one of the following artists!

Model Artwork:

Add OnsPrice:
Animatable Arms:Included
Animatable Wings:+$100
Animatable Tail:+$20
Animatable Ears:+$20
Detailed Armor fee:+$50
Alternate Outfit:+$100-$200
Alternate Hairstyle:+$100-$200

An illustrated character created in a layered .PSD file cut and configured for Rigging compatibility in Live2D. I can Illustrate this, or you can provide your own.(Add Ons):
Wings, Ears, Tails, Optional Props or items

Providing Artwork:

Artwork created by yourself or another artist can be provided.
Please see the examples below for guides on how the artwork needs to be set up:

Partnered Artists you can commission for Live2D Artwork:





Live2D Rigging Pricing

Features:Chibi RigBust/Creature RigFullbody Rig
Arm Movement (Physics):YesYesYes
Head XYZ:YesYesYes
Neck Z:YesYesYes
Detailed Eye Physics:YesYesYes
Pupil Tracking:YesYesYes
Eyelid Tracking:YesYesYes
Lip Smile/Frown:YesYesYes
Lip Open/Close:YesYesYes
Mouth AIUEO:NoYesYes
Brow Rotation:YesYesYes
Body Tilt:YesYes/SlightlyYes
Leg tilt/Step:NoNoYes
Basic Hair Physics:YesYesYes
Has Muzzle/Non Human?No+$100+$100
Eye Form Sad:NoYesYes
Eye Form Anger:NoYesYes
Eye Form Surprise:NoYesYes
Eye Form Gigigi:NoYesYes
Complex Rig FeesNegotiableNegotiable 

Optional Features & Special Animations

Option PartPriceStyle:
Wing Flapping:+$50Animation
Hand Wave:+$30Animation
AFK Idle:+$30Animation
Swappable Hand Pose:+$25Animation
Blush On/Off:+$10Pose/Parameter
Vein On/Off:+$10Pose/Parameter
Dread/Shock + pupil shrink:+$20Pose/Parameter
Ears Up/Down:+$10Pose/Parameter
Ear Twitch Animation:+$20Animation
Ear Twitch Linked to Eye Blink:+ $0 
Tail Wag Idle:+$30Implemented in Breath Parameter
Complex Outfit Physics:+$20Physics
Complex Accessory Physics:+$20Physics
Prop On/Off:+$10Pose/Parameter
Alternate Outfit+$100Alternate Model or Pose/Parameter

>Facerig has a Limit of 4 Poses & 5 Animations.<
>Prpr Live may require some additional setup I'm happy to help figure out.<
>Vtuber Studio may require some additional setup I'm happy to help figure out.<

Terms & Conditions

  • Monetized Streaming is allowed as long as you own the original character design.

  • An additional Fee may be charged if Mono needs to create a design for your character.

  • If you need Merch/Print/Product Quality illustrations utilizing the model please contact me to work out a flat fee or percentage.

  • Refunds are not accepted, unless I am unable to complete the work.

  • Please do not commission me if you are against Human Rights such as Equality, and LGBTQ+ movements.


  • Please confirm you like the look of the artwork during the sketch phase.

  • My Art is NOT to be used for any form of A.I. image generation.

  • Prices do not inclue Sales Tax.

  • 1. Invoice is sent / Payment Received

  • 2. Initial sketch

  • 3. Commissioner provides feedback / Approval of the sketch

  • 4. Lineart

  • 5. Commissioner provides Feedback / Approval of Lineart & Color

  • 6. No Major Changes can be made to the overall character at this point. Any changes may incur an additional revision charge.

  • Colors can be changed without any charge though! c:

  • 7. Shading

  • 8. Final Approval of artwork.

  • 9. Importation of artwork assets into Live2D

  • 10. Basic Rigging in Live2D

  • 11. I usually send a sample gif of movement in Live2D at this point!

  • 12. Exportation of the model assets from Live2D

  • 13. Creation of physics

  • 14. Creation of Custom Animations

  • 15. File set-up and configuration of hotkeys for FaceRig

  • 16. Completed Model Files are sent to you in a .zip file!

How To Order

To request a Commission Please follow these steps:

1. Review Terms & Conditions and all other information listed on this site.
2. Take a glance at my >>Trello<< to get a idea of my current que and waitlist.
3. Fill out this commission Form:

3. Send an email to [email protected] to notify that you've filled out the google form, he'll get you in contact with your desired artist.
4. Payment is requested up front to reserve a slot.
If you have any questions, just let me know! Feel free to Email me, DM me on Twitter, or contact MonoSenpai#7116 on Discord!